I am a photojournalist and travel photographer living in Laguna Beach, CA. My passion for photography started in my early 20’s when I purchased a used Canon AE-1 film camera and started shooting live music and street photography around New York City in the mid-90’s. I got all the mileage I could out of that Canon, but when it finally gave out I put photography aside for a number of years. I bought my first digital camera in 2006, prior to a trip to Barcelona and Sevilla, and I’ve been shooting digital ever since.

My primary approach to photography is that of a journalist and documentary photographer. My aim is to document the culture and communities as they exist in the moment. The artistic qualities, the colors, patterns and expressions arise from the inherent beauty of the places and communities I visit

I have travelled extensively in SE Asia, visiting the region four times since 2012, travelling in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. With my partner Kristen, I have recently started an import business, purchasing fair-trade goods from small producers that are teaching skills to vulnerable members of the community.in Laos and Cambodia. Our business allows us the opportunity to deliver a percentage of our proceeds back to the local schools and villages in the form of direct donations of school supplies and hygiene supplies.

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